Introduction to Auto-Rebalance Vaults


Pseudo-Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy is a market-neutral model created by combining a long and short position in an asset simultaneously, allowing you to obtain high returns while minimizing your portfolio risk when the asset’s price fluctuates.
Francium’s Auto-Rebalance Vault automatically rebalances your Pseudo-Delta Neutral positions to maintain neutral exposure and it has no liquidation risk.

Introduction to Auto-Rebalance Vaults

Vaults that run strategies below with auto-rebalance.
  • Pseudo-Delta Neutral Strategy
  • 1X Crypto Long Strategy (SOL, BTC..) (Coming soon)


  • One-Click deposit, Easy to use
  • No liquidation risk
  • Minimize impermanent loss
  • Auto-rebalance strategy based on sufficient back-test