How to use

When entering the yield farming calculator page, you need to choose the pool you want to farm first, e.g. ORCA-USDC. Next, choose the asset to borrow, and the amount of USDC/ORCA supplied. Then set the leverage. You can also set an investment duration to see your estimated profit and loss.

After these selections, you can visually see the change of Equity Value and Liquidation Price under the ORCA price change through the green line. If you hover over the yellow line, you will be able to see how much of your Equity Value remains after being liquidated.

If you turn on the "Advanced Mode", more operations can be done. You are able to adjust ORCA's initial price, Farming APR, Borrowing Interest APR and Liquidation Threshold to see the liquidation price and how your estimated profit changes.

When you turn on the button in the bottom right corner of the calculator, you are able to adjust the range of the X-axis.

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