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Francium will help you reinvest your profit to boost your APY.
LP tokens staked in Raydium will a earn profit continuously. Making use of the profit will greatly increase the capital efficiency.
The formula to reference is:
APY=(100%+RN)NAPY = (100\%+\frac{R}{N})^N
In which, R is the APR, N, the compound frequency, is how many times we reinvest per year.
This can also be reduced when N is much larger than R:
APY=((100%+RN)NR)R→eRAPY = ((100\%+\frac{R}{N})^\frac{N}{R}) ^{R}\to e^{R}
Francium offers the best compound performance by maintaining the reinvest interval around 15 minutes to balance the gas fees and efficiency.