Adjust Position

To adjust an existing position Francium offers a feature called “Adjust Position”. It consists of four distinct features namely Add collateral, Repay Debt, Stop-loss, and PDN Rebalance. Each of them has its own significance.

Add Collateral

When DeFi users open a leveraged position and borrow assets, the leverage of their position may increase. With the help of this feature, DeFi users could add collateral to an existing position. With the addition of collateral leverage of the position could be decreased. In addition to that, users could increase the size of the existing position, without opening a new position.

To add collateral

1 Go to “Adjust position” of the existing position

2 Select “Add Collateral”

3 Input the principal value

4 Click “Adjust”

Repay Debt

Opening a leveraged position means you have borrowed assets from the platform and you need to return them when closing the position. However, some users want to repay the debt earlier. Considering this, Francium has introduced a feature called “Repay Debt”. Users can use this option at any time to repay the debt. Moreover, DeFi users could repay in any token of the asset pair.

To Repay Debt

1 Go to “Adjust position”,

2 Select “Repay Debt”

3 Input the amount you want to repay and click "Repay Debt"

Note that you can repay the debt partially or fully, depending on your choice.

PDN Rebalance

The risk exposure can be avoided if the position is rebalanced. Francium offers PDN Rebalance tool that consists of two different options. Users can choose any of the options depending upon their choice.

Rebalance by adding Collaterals (Option 1)

Option 1 is rebalancing the position by adding collateral. Here users can add more collateral to rebalance the existing position. This option helps to calculate the collateral that you need to add to rebalance the position. Click “calculate for PDN”. You will be notified of the amount that will be deducted from the wallet to rebalance the position. Other position details (after rebalance) such as assets supplied, assets to borrow, total borrow, etc will be displayed as well. After checking the details click “Submit”. The position will be rebalanced for you.

Rebalance by withdrawing part of the position and then adding back (Option 2)

You can also rebalance your position PDN position by withdrawing a part of your existing position and then adding it back to the position.

Step 1: You can see the amount you need to withdraw.

Click “Submit Withdraw”.

Step 2: Add collateral that you got in Step 1 and borrow more with 3x leverage, with borrowing USDC.

Click Submit and the position will be rebalanced.

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