Users can deposit their assets in our lending pool to generate interest.

To lend, follow the guidelines:

  1. Log in to your Web3 wallet (e.g., Sollet or Phantom).

2. Choose the asset you want to deposit, and click "Invest".

3. Take USDC as an example. Once you click "Invest", you can specify the amount you want to deposit.

4. Click "Invest" and wait for Solana's confirmation. You may need to confirm the transaction in your wallet (or you can choose to automatically allow your transactions in Francium the first time you connect with your wallet).

5. You can check your investment in "Your Positions".

To withdraw:

1. Choose the position you want to close and click "Withdraw".

2. You have the option of specifying the amount you wish to withdraw.

3. Wait for confirmation.

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