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What is Francium?

francium.io is a DeFi yield strategy platform built on Solana. Francium offers a variety of strategies for both users and strategy builders. We offer automated strategies including Leveraged Farming / Hedge Farming, DeFi Combination Strategies, and Smart Trading Strategies to the users. For strategy builders, Francium will offer DeFi automation toolset which comprises of DeFi Automation Framework, Strategy Dev Toolset, and Standard SDK.

What's the background of Team Francium?

All the team members are from leading blockchain and Internet companies. We have accumulated a wealth of algorithmic research and implementation experience. We're also among the earliest users of DeFi.

Do Francium posses a native token?

We haven't generated a native token, news will be announced through our official channels.

Has Francium been Audited?

Yes, Francium's smart contract has been audited by two prominent firms, CertiK and SlowMist:


How to use Francium?

Step-by-step instructions are available at https://docs.francium.io/product/how-to-participate.

What is leveraged yield farming?

Users (farmers) borrow assets to increase yields in leveraged yield farming. The principle is simple: if you have more tokens, you will have more returns. It indicates that if you use leverage, your yield will be multiplied. Although you will have to pay interest on the borrowed assets, leveraged yield farming still has high capital efficiency.

What are the advantages of leverage yield farming?

In leveraged yield farming, users can borrow tokens to strengthen their farming positions and therefore, enjoy additional farming yields.

Not only leverage but Long/Short/Neutral Positions with adjustable risk exposure could also be set up with LYF to get profit based on the judgment of market trends. When you believe that the price of a certain commodity will increase or decrease with time, you can set up positions with corresponding long or short exposure. What if you just want to get mining revenue and try to avoid the impact of price fluctuations on the value of your position? Setup a Neutral Position. This kind of position doesn’t sell or buy any volatile tokens while splitting into a 50:50 proportion.

What's the difference between the Total APY and the estimated profit in the calculator/simulator.

The APY resulted from the direct conversion of APR to APY (https://www.aprtoapy.com), assuming that the Current Total APR remains unchanged during the period. While in fact, the Current Total APR will decrease if the APR of 1x leverage and the borrowing interest remain unchanged due to the fact that as the farming profit inclines, the current leverage declines. However, the calculation of estimated profit in the calculator/simulator takes that into account. That's why they are different.

Q: How do you pick up pools to be listed on Francium?

A: Now we list farming pools & lending based on different dimensions:

  • Liquidity, in most cases Francium will list pools with a 6M + liquidity for leverage farming.

  • Fundamentals of the project. The project should be legit and accepted by the community.

  • The volatility of the asset price.

  • Position structure of the asset.

    (In the future Francium DAO will take over the listing work)

Does Francium charge an entrance/withdrawal fee? What is the fee model of Francium?

No entrance/withdrawal fee. Check more details about fee structure here:


Why Francium is built on Solana?

Francium team explained 3 reasons why we have decided to build on Solana:


What are Contribution Points (CPs) & How can I get them?

Contribution Points (CPs) is a kind of certification for the early users of Francium, who are involved in Francium (like joining in the early activities, finding bugs, proposing good suggestions) will be rewarded! Feel free to touch admins/moderators if you think your contribution deserves CPs.

Any rewards for voters in Hackathon?

100% sure! Be patient, your contribution shall be rewarded!

Does Francium have any way to download records of transactions for reporting tax or checking PnL?

The following information might be helpful:

  1. Below are Francium’s related Program ID, which may help you find the transaction history on SolScan

    lendingProgramID - FC81tbGt6JWRXidaWYFXxGnTk4VgobhJHATvTRVMqgWj

    lendRewardProgramID - 3Katmm9dhvLQijAvomteYMo6rfVbY5NaCRNq9ZBqBgr6 lyfRaydiumProgramID - 2nAAsYdXF3eTQzaeUQS3fr4o782dDg8L28mX39Wr5j8N lyfOrcaProgramID - DmzAmomATKpNp2rCBfYLS7CSwQqeQTsgRYJA1oSSAJaP

  2. Farm History(Locally) - Click your wallet address and choose “Farm History”, then you’ll see the records of specific opening and withdrawing time, and position information.

  3. If your positions were liquidated or closed by the stop-loss bot, click the “Liquidated” tab on “My Positions” section and you’ll see the specific data of liquidated positions or stop-loss positions.

What's the frequency of auto-compounding?

On Francium, the rewards are auto-compounded every 15 minutes.

How do I make an insurance claim using the InsureAce protocol?

For details visit: https://docs.insurace.io/landing-page/documentation-1/user-guide/how-to-claim

InsurAce does not support the Solana network for purchasing cover and will only pay for losses incurred to the wallet the insured used to purchase cover, then I cannot effectively insure my Francium funds with InsurAce, correct?

InsurAce is providing cross-chain insurance coverage, meaning you can purchase covers from any of the networks they have deployed (ETH, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche) to cover user’s assets on other networks. Users can always use one wallet to buy a cover for your other wallets. If the affected wallet address where the loss was incurred is different from the one you use to pay the premiums, at the time of making a claim, you'll need to prove that you have ownership of the affected wallet address, the protocol will guide you on when you file a claim. Just simply make a micro transfer using the affected wallet address. For details visit: https://files.insurace.io/public/en/cover/SmartContractCover_v2.0.pdf

Why farmed value of my position less than expected?

'Farmed' value does not include the trading fee APR. However, what users actually get is Farming APR + Trading Fee APR, which is already added to the equity value. Framing APR and trading fee APR are also not fixed values, they vary continuously.

Will stop-loss be triggered before liquidation?

StopLoss and liquidation are two different functions based on two different mechanisms therefore, there’s no guarantee that stop-loss will be triggered before liquidation. It depends which one triggers it first.

Why is the strategy position on my positions invisible?

Strategy positions are available on the "Framing Strategies" page. Refresh the section manually by clicking on circle, if it is invisible.

I want to learn about leverage yield farming, is there any simple explanation?

Our simplest version may help you understand better: https://francium-defi.medium.com/leverage-yield-farming-75ad8f6c55d

What is the APY formula used in the Yield Farming Calculator/Simulator?

APY = Equity1 / Equity0

Equity1 = Position1 - Debt1

Position1 = p1 + (p0 + p1) / 2 * aprToApy(YieldAPR@1x + TradingFeeAPR@1x, days)

Debt1 = d1 + (d0 + d1) / 2 * aprToApy(borrow interest APR, days)

p0 = Equity0 * leverage

p1 = Equity0 * leverage * LPchange

d0 = Equity0 * (leverage - 1)

d1 = Equity0 * (leverage - 1) * LPchange

LPChange = Math.sqrt(token0change * token1change)

Equity1 = Position1 - Debt1 = [p1 + (p0 + p1)/2 * aprToApy(YieldAPR@1x + TradingFeeAPR@1x, days)] - [d1 + (d0 + d1) / 2 * aprToApy(borrowInterestAPR, days)]

What is the APY formula used on the Farm page?

APY = apr2apy(Yield Farming APR * leverage + Trading Fee APR * leverage) - apr2apy(Borrowing Interest * (leverage - 1))

*Note: This formula has an assumption that the leveraged APR remains unchanged at each reinvestment, e.g. maintaining leverage through closing positions.

*. calculation of APR to APY: https://www.aprtoapy.com

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