◎ New to Solana?

Ready to begin your adventure on the fastest blockchain on the earth?

Here is how you start:

1. Download a wallet that is compatible with Solana.

2. Transfer assets to your wallet.

1. Crypto Wallets for Solana

Visit the links below for details. (caution: Never share your private key and recovery seed phrase with anyone!)

2. Steps to Transfer Assets to Your Wallet

2.1 Using a Centralized Exchange like Coinbase

  • If you own fiat currency, like $USD: Buy SOL and transfer it to your Solana Wallet.

  • If you own tokens, like ETH, BTC, etc.: Sell your current tokens, buy SOL, and transfer them to your Solana Wallet.

2.2 Using a Bridge

  • You can transfer tokens from other blockchains, like ETH or BSC, using a cross-chain bridge.

  • Currently, you may use Ren or Wormhole.

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